Free Art for Everyone

Once a bit of a fringe cause, labelling online images for re-use and sharing (see Creative Commons) has gained some high-level impetus in recent years. Major art galleries and museums around the world have been releasing millions of images and encouraging audience engagement. Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum actually encourages users to re-mix and alter their high resolution artworks. Google's "Art Project" aggregates high resolution images of great art from many of the world's leading institutions. The common creative heritage of humanity, made accessible for anyone with an internet connection...

Chameleon Print Design goes to Dakar

If one really squints, this motorbike (ridden by the intrepid Allan Roberts) sports the title type for his book The Hard Way Home (Jo Jo Publishing), courtesy of Chameleon Print Design. So the design at least has braved Andean precipes, forded terrifying rapids and generally defied death for several adrenalin soaked weeks.

Alan's entertaining book, already featured in an earlier Chameleon Print Design post.

Alan's entertaining book, already featured in an earlier Chameleon Print Design post.

Google Music Timeline

Watch your favourite types of music duke it out in the ring of public taste. Google has made a brave attempt to quantify the relative popularity of various strands of music since 1950 using objective criteria/data. Witness the massive displacement of previously dominant jazz by pop, rock and others. Watch the slow relative decline of rock as music contines to diversify and fragment. This article has some doubts about the methodology, but even if the results are not 100 percent reliable, imagine how many other axes/areas of human endeavour might fruitfully be subjected to this kind of approach.


Cover Designs in Decline?

Writing in the New Yorker, Tim Kreider explains why he thinks that high end book cover designs are in aesthetic decline. He suggests that the field is afflicted by a degree of conformity probably exacerbated by the Internet. "There’s clearly some brutally efficient Darwinian process at work here, because certain images—half-faces, napes, piers stretching into the water—spread like successful evolutionary adaptations and quickly become ubiquitous". He gives examples and harks back to the inventiveness and frequent weirdness of covers designed for pulp science fiction. Other culprits include the decreasing popularity of hand lettered titles (making something of a comeback, in my opinion). Children's and young adult titles are lauded as an exception to the general malaise.

Younity for Your Files

Younity offers an unusual twist on file synchronisation/cloud computing -- the service allows you to bring all of your online file and image storage accounts under the one umbrella. While not storing files online, it means you can access any of your files on any of your devices -- mobile, PC or tablet. Great for accessing music libraries, movies, all of your documents, etc. If a particular file resides only a PC, users will need to take care that the PC in question is on, or the file will be unavailable.

Standing Desks

Now that science agrees that sitting all day is a bad idea, chair-bound folks need alternatives. My own move to a standing desk involved stacking an IKEA coffee table atop my original desk, but others may desire something a little more stylish. Ergotron manufactures seriously minimalist workstations for ambulatory officeworkers. A colleague purchased one of their products and was happy with the functionality and build quality. Transitioning to all-day standing is difficult at first, but eventually gets easier, and any return to sitting feels quite strange. 


The urge to design typefaces is a universal one, not just the province of traditionally design oriented cultures. Some of the most interesting recent work is coming out of Latin America and Spain. The surge of interest in type design has led to increased demand for type design tools, many of which are relatively expensive.  Font Forge is free and quite capable, and supports all of the major font formats. The author of the program is continually improving and updating the source code.